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Battery Vehicles

We offer a wide range of designs for the new construction of gas trailers. Gas types such as acetylene, carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen or helium among others, are of course a part of our portfolio.

Periodic inspection of all trailer types is one of our competencies.

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Cylinder bundles/ Taurus

We have our own approved designs for all kinds of variants of cylinder bundles for compressed gas. Every gas type and degree of purity is outlined here.
Thanks to the high in-house production depth, steel structures as well as manifolds and valve assemblies (gas-specific equipment) are manufactured quickly and such that they are customer-oriented.

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We know all the approved test methods for testing compressed gas containers. We, Kessels Prüfwerke, can thus offer you the practical solution for every task.

A separate testing department (NDT department) with certified personnel is available for implementation.
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High-pressure manifolds and systems

Development and manufacturing of high-pressure manifolds and systems for mobile / stationary use of all types using the latest joining technology.
From stainless steel to special brass, from manual welding to orbital technology – our certified welding department selects material and methods for you depending on the requirement.

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NDT Non-destructive testing

Our testing department develops solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT). We thus help you to improve the quality and reliability of your products and services beyond the legal requirements.
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From tube trailers to bundle trailers right up to the use of the latest lightweight composite containers. We are there from the conception to the finished product. We are a one-stop shop.

Set us a task and we will solve it for you!
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About Us


For more than 80 years now, we are doing pioneering work in the field of gas and gas supply for customers in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

We currently have four production locations at home and abroad so as to provide you with the best possible service and optimum logistics.

The business activity of Kessels Prüfwerke includes testing gas cylinders of all types as well as testing and manufacturing gas storage systems, gas bundles and trailers for gas transport according to distinct designs and customer requirements.

Our solutions are tailor-made for you and manufactured accurately. It not only shows what is possible, but also what is useful for you.

Contact Us


Kessels Prüfwerke GmbH & Co KG
Lehmukuhlenweg 13
D-41065 Mönchengladbach

Tel.: 02161 – 65 90 70
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